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Equine Assisted Activities

The three dimensional movement of the horse mimics the natural human gait, which cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Riders with physical limitations can experience a wide array of physical benefits - including: improved balance, coordination, endurance, core strength, head control and gross/fine motor skills.


Riders with cognitive, behavioral or emotional challenges can find strength, healing, and independence through the power and connection with the horse. 

Courses offered:

   Physical Activities

          1 - Balance and endurance  

          2 - Eye-hand coordination  

          3 - Core strength and head control  

     Behavioral Exercises

          4 - Emotional honesty

          5 - Emotional healing

          6 - Emotional independence  


   Cognitive Exercises

        7 - Focus and attention

          8 - Communication

          9 - Spatial awareness


  Don't miss this unique opportunity to build physical skills and  emotional strength while interacting with horses in an inspiring      equestrian setting. 


                               Email today for availability. 


                                          $65 per session - $150 for three        


      * Horse care, apprentice and lease options available for riders outside the 190 lb lesson-horse weight limit.


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