Equine Assisted Activities

The three dimensional movement of the horse mimics the natural human gait, which cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Riders with physical limitations can experience a wide array of physical benefits - including: improved balance, coordination, endurance, core strength, head control, along with gross and fine motor skills.


Riders with cognitive, behavioral or emotional challenges can find strength, healing, and independence through the power and connection with the horse. 

Courses offered:

   Physical Activities

          1 - Balance and endurance  

          2 - Eye-hand coordination  

          3 - Core strength and head control  

     Behavioral Exercises

          4 - Emotional honesty

          5 - Emotional healing

          6 - Emotional independence  


   Cognitive Exercises

        7 - Focus and attention

          8 - Communication

          9 - Spatial awareness



Don't miss this unique opportunity to build physical skills and emotional strength while interacting with horses in an inspiring equestrian setting.


Email today for individual, family and school group availability.  

$65 per session - $150 for three

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