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Equine Assisted Learning

Like people, horses are social beings whose herd dynamics are remarkably similar to the family unit. As sophisticated herd animals, they are excellent communicators who allow people to immediately build relationships with them as if they were members of the herd.


Within this herd dynamic, they sense our emotions and then respond to us accordingly with straight forward and honest communication - creating an atmosphere where important life lessons can be demonstrated and taught.

Research has confirmed the effectiveness of equine assisted learning, showing that it lowers blood pressure and heart rate, alleviates stress, and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.      


Courses offered:

   Your Personal Relationship

          1 Taking Inventory (internal beliefs)

          2 Forgiveness (self & others)

          3 Overcoming Fears (affirmations)


   Your Relationship With Others

          4 Setting Boundaries

          5 Honing Communication Skills

          6 Developing Trust

   Finding the Love You Want

          7 Messages That Push Love Away     

          8 'Red flags' and 'Deal Breakers'     

          9 Road Map To A Healthy Relationship     


   Partnerships and Marriage

          10 The Psychology of Attraction

          11 The 3 Triggers

          12 Couples Dialog


   Don't miss this unique opportunity to build life-skills while

interacting with horses in an inspiring equestrian setting.

Email today for individual, family and corporate group availability.  


$65 per session - $150 for three

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